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Benefits of Food Truck Wraps

Custom Food Truck Wraps in The Bronx, NY

Your food truck is the source of happiness for many people. And you can make even more people happier by embellishing your food truck with a vinyl wrap, attracting them to try your delicious food.

Food truck wraps have several benefits such as: brand recognition, mobile 24/7 marketing, weather protection, affordability, durability, etc.

7 Benefits of Food Truck Wraps: Promote 24/7 & Sell More!

1. Brand Recognition

Food Truck Wraps Promotes Your Brand

A perfectly designed vinyl food truck wrap can instantly communicate your brand’s story, personality, and values.

Truck wraps are ideal for logos, business information, marketing graphics, and product images.

Print & Wrap Studio Corp has talented designers who can make your food truck stand out from your competitors. By being bold, different, and appealing, you’ll have a better chance to attract more clients.

2. We Eat First with Our Eyes

Apicius, the 1st Century Roman gourmand, coined the phrase, “We eat first with our eyes.”

And he was so darn right. When I see food, my stomach often starts to rumble. When looking for a burger or a Mexican taco, I always look around first for the food truck with the most appealing design.

People make their decisions on which truck to order based on looks. If you and another food truck have similar foods, but your competitor’s truck has bright, vibrant colors and an exciting design, clients will buy from them.

So, make sure you have an eye-catching food truck. We can help you customize your food truck wrap to stand out from the competition and make people want to try your food.

3. Create First Good Impression

Remember that business presentation matters. You need to give a first good impression. Our custom vinyl wraps make your truck look original and shiny, creating a clean appearance.

This benefit goes hand in hand with the previous one. It is common for businesses to care for their image and impression. So, keep a pristine image with our vivid, custom, and neat truck wraps.

4. Mobile 24/7 Advertising

Use Vibrant Color Explosions in Your Vinyl Van Wraps

Do you want to take your brand on wheels?

A vinyl truck wrap is a terrific advertising means. As a business owner, you’ll save cash in traditional advertising since your truck will be your mobile 24/7 marketing banner.

Everywhere you go, every day, you will be promoting your food brand. Your potential clients will see your mobile advertisement and know what you are selling. They will remember your food and buy from you if they are near your stand.

You can hire Print & Wrap Studio Corp to make your clients drool before they try your food. We will use our talent to create a unique, eye-catching, and effective vinyl wrap design.

Here is a rough forecast:

“A truck with a good wrap should sell 20% more food than one without a wrap.”

5. Weather Protection

Besides its aesthetic benefits, food truck wrapping protects your truck from wear and tear.

Our food truck wraps are made using top-quality vinyl. So, our custom wraps act as a shield, protecting your truck’s original paint job from scratches and damage caused by inclement weather.

Also, the wrap can help prevent rust and other types of corrosion, ensuring your truck stays in good condition for a long time.

Last but not least, our vinyl wraps can protect your vehicle from dust and dirt. Even if dust or dirt accumulates on the surface, it can be cleaned quickly, giving the truck its original, shiny, clean appearance.

6. Affordability

Wraps are a cost-effective way to improve your brand’s image. And at Print & Wrap Studio Corp, we take care of your money. We sell affordable truck wraps to transform your truck into a rolling masterpiece.

So, how much does it cost to wrap a truck?

The average cost is between $2,000 – $5,000 depending on the finish, the size of the truck, the customization, and whether you will do partial or complete wrapping.

7. Vinyl Wraps Offer Durability

One of the frequent questions we get is, “How long does vinyl wrap last?”

The average lifespan of vinyl wraps is 6 years under normal conditions, but it can be more or less depending on 4 factors. Click to learn the 4 factors determining how long a vinyl wrap lasts.

For 6 years, your truck will look unique because our wraps are resistant to tear and wear. Plus, our vinyl wraps are easy to care for.

Other Benefits of Food Truck Wraps Include:

  • Fast application
  • Easy to update
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great return on investment ratio

Our Vinyl Wraps Will Transform Your Truck Into A Rolling Masterpiece!

Our Vinyl Wraps Will Transform Your Truck Into A Rolling Masterpiece

Our job is to make your brand appealing and trustworthy. Indeed, after 26+ years of experience as an artful print shop, we offer exclusive food truck wraps in The Bronx, NY.

Also, you can contact us if you sell food near Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Our team of talented graphic designers has fresh and compelling truck wrap ideas. Contact us to attract more clients to buy your delicious food.

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